The Gilded Cage

1897. Rosamund bows her head and steps slowly down the aisle. The satin of her gown whispers against the stone floor and a single tear falls into the bunch of yellow roses twisted in her trembling hands. Despite rumours of his cruelty, Rosamund has no choice but to become this man’s second wife.

After her wedding, Rosamund finds herself trapped in Sir Lucien Fitznorton’s lonely country estate. As she wanders the chilly halls, made shadowy by drapes of heavy velvet, she longs for the lost comforts of her childhood home, where she was the beloved only daughter to a doting father, now buried miles away. As a young woman with no fortune of her own, only death can release her from this misery.

Until she meets Joseph, her husband’s gruffly handsome new chauffeur. With his mop of salt-and-pepper hair and lilting accent, Joseph is from another world. One of clambering children and tea at scrubbed kitchen tables, the hollow scratch of hunger and long hours of hard work. Despite their differences, they find themselves increasingly drawn to one other.

But Sir Lucien is not only cruel, he’s devious too, and soon Rosamund finds herself caught in a dangerous web of secrets and lies. Is Rosamund’s fragile marriage nothing but a golden cage, trapping her between two men who desire her… and to what end?

One holds her captive and the other offers a hope of escape… but who really holds the key to Rosamund’s gilded prison?

A gripping and emotional historical novel, fans of Lucinda Riley and Tracy Rees won’t be able to put this book down.



The Dreams Of Field series


Goes Without Saying ebook cover

Goes Without Saying

“Most people run away from home when they’re in their rebellious teenage phase. But not you, Tom. You waited until you were a forty-year old father to do it.”

Tom Field promised his wife Megan he’d never leave her. So when she finds his note saying he’s gone away, she can’t help but wonder if that’s the only vow he’s broken.

Following him and his treasured camper van to the beautiful coast of North Devon, she has plenty of time to reflect on what’s gone wrong between them. Time to decide whether their marriage is worth saving.

But all too soon reality threatens to catch up with them. Can Tom make things right before it’s too late?

Goes Without Saying is a heart-warming story of love and a mid-life crisis. If you like feel-good, poignant tales with relatable characters and plenty of witty humour, you’ll love this page-turner by Luisa A Jones.


Making the Best of It ebook cover

Making the Best of It

Tom Field is at breaking point. He’s been making the best of things, letting his responsibilities get in the way of his dreams. But now, grief-stricken after a tragedy, he knows he can’t keep putting his life on hold. Escaping the city and his unfulfilling job to live near the sea could give him everything he longs for… or it could destroy his marriage and cost him his family.

Before disaster struck, Megan didn’t think she needed her father in her life. Now she’s desperate to find him before it’s too late to get answers to the questions she’s always longed to ask. But her quest re-opens old wounds and leaves her mother and sister feeling betrayed. What’s more, Tom’s ridiculous pipe dream of abandoning the city threatens to turn her world upside down.

How can Megan and Tom create the perfect life together, when their dreams risk tearing their family apart?

Making the Best of It is the sequel to Goes Without Saying. If you like heart-warming, insightful tales with relatable characters and plenty of witty humour, you’ll love this latest novel in Luisa A Jones’s page-turning series of contemporary women’s fiction novels.